This event has been rescheduled to June 22, 2024 at the same location.

The Keys! Music Challenge was founded in 2014 in order to provide a fun, exciting, and motivational event for piano, keyboard, organ, and accordion students, who tend to practice and play alone. The annual festival brings students together to perform,  talk about their shared musical experiences, and make new friends. The "in person" event includes crafts, keyboard group workshops, and short presentations for parents. 

 In 2024 the festival will move to a new location- Federated Church of Norfolk at 1 Union Street in Norfolk MA 02056.

For teachers, Keys! Music Challenge offers a chance to reinforce what you have been teaching by getting feedback from others.  Some teachers use Keys! Music Challenge as a warm up for their studio recitals or other more formal competitions, while others use it as a replacement for studio recitals.

Participants perform in front of an audience and adjudicators, who offer comments and suggestions about ways to improve, and compliments about the best parts of their performances.  Each participant receives a trophy displaying their score of platinum, gold, silver, or bronze. 

To add a little extra excitement to the Music Challenge there are some money prizes and some special category awards. You can find a listing of the possible awards on the Awards page.  These awards may change from year to year and are determined by the judges. 

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